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Looking for properties for rent in Oud Al Muteena?

Dubai is the liveliest emirate in the UAE, with a captivating blend of cutting edge development and cultural legacy. You can rest assured that Dubai will capture your heart with the unique attractions it offers. Where else will you find the world’s tallest building, the island formed liked a palm tree, the indoor ski heaven while it’s blazing hot outside or the world’s quickest ride?

Oud Al Muteena is a locality in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is located in eastern Dubai, in the heart of Deira. Al Muteena is bordered in the north by Al Baraha, in the south by Al Muraqqabat, in the west by Naif and in the east by Hor Al Anz.

The routes Al Maktoum Road, Omar bin Khattam Road, Abu Baker Al Siddique Road and Al Rasheed Road form a periphery around the locality. Oud Al Muteena is largely residential; however, important hotels and restaurants are also located in the community. Important landmarks in Al Muteena include Sheraton Deira, Renaissance Hotel, Marco Polo Hotel, and the consulate of Bangladesh. Burj Al Nahar Roundabout and Fish Roundabout form the north- and southwestern most sections of Al Muteena.

If you're a prospective tenant looking for properties to rent in Oud Al Muteena, you should definitely check out the Oud Muteena Park. It offers a range of outdoor facilities that one can enjoy with the family. If you want to get active, there's a walking track, four areas for playing football, a volleyball court and a 575m rubberised running track. There's also a family area, plaza, and children's playground to keep the kids entertained.

You can find studios to rent whether you're a bachelor or a small family. Bedspace partitioning for rent in is equally often available.