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Looking for properties to rent in Nad Al Hamar, Dubai?

Look through Dubai properties on to find affordable and cheap properties for rent in Nad Al Hamar which perfectly suit your needs with amazing landmark views on Dubai skyscrapers & all facilities

Nad Al Hamar is a small, residential and industrial community in Dubai. The routes E 311 and E 44 form the eastern and southern peripheries of Nad Al Hamar. It is not that much of a popular locality as compared to the loftier areas but renting properties in Nad Al Hamar is quite simply just convenient due to it being a residential area.

If you’re looking for housing in Nad Al Hamar, you’ll be attracted probably to the existence of Nad Al Hamar Park in the locality. Nad Al Hamar Park allows you to rediscover the outdoors where you can go for a run on the synthetic jogging track and play ball games in the sand, or simply sit on a shaded wooden bench and watch while your children play in safe and secure play areas. Nad Al Hamar Park is surrounded by herbal trees, shrubs and seasonal flowers, all which allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature.