BMW X5 35i

BMW X5 35i

180,000 AED
Ras Al Khor, Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Brand new 2014 bmw x5 35i for sale whatsapp: +971552527058 get the full specification & details co...

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Legend Multi Motors LLC

Legend Multi Motors LLC

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180,000 AED
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Buy Used BMW X5 for Sale in Dubai UAE

Used BMW X5 for Sale in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, & UAE

For 2017, Top of line is the BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 8-cylinder engine with two turbochargers, Valvetronic, double-VANOS, & petrol direct injection. The engine produces 330 kW (450 hp) to achieve impressive acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. The High Precision Injection (HPI) & maximum efficiency is extracted due to precisely-measured doses of fuel being injected into the combustion chamber.

Buy Used BMW X5 for Sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & UAE

BMW X5 is one of the most powerful 4x4 Car available for Sale in BMW arsenal in UAE. It is one of the luxurious SUV Car to drive in the streets of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the rest of the Emirates. The greatest thing about BMW X5 available in UAE is the advanced technology it comes backed with. It the optimum of German Engineering of a 4x4 super car machine. Along with advanced engineering, where you can't tell if the BMW X5 is a car or a spacecraft, comes Luxury, lots of it. The BMW X5 calls itself upon distinguished people to buy it as it becomes part of their personality reflecting sophistication and up class. Along with that comes speed, sport, and ultimate performance.

BMW X5 was introduced in UAE market for sale in late 1999 and since then it took Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the rest of UAE used cars market by storm. It has performed very well in Sales from the first year, in-spite of poor desert performance. The strong of performance of the Sales of New and Used BMW X5 Sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE encourage BMW Motor company to double their investment introducing the X1, X3, and X6 to the market which found its respective buyers in UAE looking to Buy a BMW X5. The BMW X5 available for Sale in UAE comes in 1 Body style, the 5-door SUV. However, the Engine Powertrain for BMW X5 in Sale in UAE - Imported or GCC Spec, is limitless including: 3.0 L 272 hp I6, 3.0 L 300 hp I6 Single Turbo, 3.0 L 265 hp Diesel I6 bi-turbo, 4.8 L 355 hp V8, 4.4 L 400 hp V8 Twin Turbo, and 4.4 L 555 hp V8 Twin Turbo for X5 M

Price for New BMW X5 for Sale in UAE

Brand New BMW X5 is on Sale by AGMC in Dubai or Abu Dhabi Motors in Abu Dhabi. The starting price for a 2017 BMW X5 Model is AED 320,000. If you are looking for a cheap deal buying a new BMW X5 in UAE here are a few tips:

  • Look for discount deals during Ramadan from AGMC or Abu Dhabi Motors.
  • Both Dealers provide major discount at the time the new year model is introduced.
  • End of Year Major BMW X5 Sales discount to clear out the inventory.
  • If you work for a government agency, Both Companies may provide special discount to government employees.
  • Combo deals. When you buy a new BMW X5, you have to pay insurance, finance, and high car maintenance prices. Look for a packaged deals where the total cost of combination of Car Price + Insurance + Car loan + Car Maintenance is offered as a total package when buying a new BMW X5 in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or the rest of UAE.

Buying Cheap Used BMW X5 for Sale in Dubai

BMW X5, similar to other dubai luxury cars doesn't maintain high resale value in UAE market including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the rest of UAE. The reason is that BMW X5 buyers are most upper class, rich, and super rich and they prefer to buy a brand new BMW instead of buying a used one. Hence, you can always get a great deal buying a Used or pre-owned BMW X5 in UAE with near new conditions . Look for Used BMW X5 for sale directly by owners in Storat Car for Sale section, it is possible to find good deals here Cars > BMW > X5.

More about BMW X5 for Sale in Abu Dhabi

The BMW X5 comes loaded with technology and luxury, hence the upscale price, that is why it makes one of the most popular German SUV Cars for Sale in UAE

BMW X5 Safety: coming soon

BMW X5 Performance: coming soon

BMW Technology: coming soon.