Mens Custom Carbon Fiber Wallets For Sale In Dubai

UAE, Dubai, Dubai, The Palm Jumeirah

249 AED
Published on: 14/06/2017
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    Mens Custom Carbon Fiber Wallets for Sale in Dubai, UAE.


    Our wallets were conceived with the future in mind. As it becomes easier to carry just a few cards, we have created a minimalist solution for those looking to reduce what they carry daily.

    AEROSPACE-GRADE MATERIALS. The Wallets are designed to be a Legacy item, for a lifetime of use and then passed down the line. Our Carbon Fiber, Texalium, and stainless steel wallets are not only sleek and beautiful, but they are the very same materials that Space agencies use to design their ships. This will be the last wallet you need to buy, without cards in the wallet it is thinner than a centimetre.

    KEEPS YOUR DATA SAFE. Criminals today don't pick-pocket, they fish for sensitive information. Your cards can be hacked with simple RFID readers, but not with this wallet. Give thieves the cold shoulder with our RFID-blocking tech that gives your cards a complete shield.

    BRILLIANTLY SIMPLE. Unique push-and-pinch functionality allows you to access your arsenal of cards faster than ever before. Simply push up the cards and pinch the bottom of the wallet to fan your cards out and quickly pick the one you need. This works with up to 10 cards that will NEVER fall out, and the same goes for cash too.

    Join the ManCave UAE family and leave your bulky, inefficient bi-fold wallets in the past. For its size, our wallets far exceeds the functionality of any other wallet, and has a few hidden features like the ability to open bottles or prop you phone up for hands-free entertainment. Invest in your lifestyle, or for those in your life who need it. It makes a perfect gift for those who are hard to shop for.

    The wallets come in a choice of different colours as seen on the item pictures.

    We have a choice of 5 colours, please confirm which wallet you would like.

    Dimensions : 92mm / 55 mm
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Mens Custom Carbon Fiber Wallets For Sale In Dubai

UAE, Dubai, Dubai, The Palm Jumeirah

249 AED